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[team_member name=”DEE WORD” role=”Co-Founder” img=”http://tiger-phoenix.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Stat-Bio.png” size=”3″]
Diwaine Word graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med Biology and a minor in Computer Science. In 1999, he decided to follow his passion for computers and joined a start-up company KVIEW Inc. developing online video tutorials and product demonstrations for corporate clients. Promoted to Production Coordinator in 2001, he managed various projects along with three teams of Flash Developers and a design team with a photography lab. Diwaine worked closely with many of the Fortune 500 companies including: Intel, Computer Associates, Sony, Zurich Financial and Hewlett Packard. In 2003, Diwaine moved on to work for Hard Rock International Orlando, Fl as a lead flash developer/graphic designer for HardRock.

Diwaine joined Bisk Education in 2006 as an instructional designer. Two years later, seeing a need to have interactivity in online course development created a new department to produce higher quality graphics and interactions. In the nine years he has been with the company, he has mastered a diverse set of skills including creating interactive course content for online delivery, testing and researching new tools and techniques, managing internal enterprise systems, and implementing D2L Brightspace and the Canvas LMS. Diwaine is a Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Product Owner and and in 2017 went back to get a Professional Product Owner certification from Scrum.org. From 2015 on, Diwaine works in the capacity of Senior Interactive Media Manager and a ScrumMaster to a development team of 8 cross functional superstars. The Agile methodology is something that Diwaine truly embraces and feels it can have immeasurable positive impact on any company willing to think outside of the traditional box.

Diwaine is a high energy positive individual who likes to spend his free time helping others get started with whatever their passion is.

Dee’s Standard Skills

[skill_bar percentage=”90″ title=”Web Design”]
[skill_bar percentage=”55″ title=”UX Design”]
[skill_bar percentage=”75″ title=”Brand Package”]
[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”WordPress”]

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[team_member name=”Dev Squad” role=”All-Star Dev Squad” img=”http://tiger-phoenix.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Placeholder-Bio.png” size=”3″]
Our All Star Dev Squad is comprised of many super talented front-end and back-end engineers, graphic artist, UI-UX designers and social media enthusiast!  With years and years of experience under their collective belts, we couldn’t be more lucky to join forces from time to time to do amazing work together.  All of us share a desire to give back to community the knowledge we obtained along our journey and delivery value to our clients as a gratitude ritual that says, “Thank You In Advance For the Opportunity to Work With Great Minds with Big Hearts.  Our Blessing are never taken for granted or forgotten”.

All-Star Dev Squad’s Standard Skills

[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”Web Design”]
[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”Graphic Design”]
[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”Music Production”]
[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”Copy Writers”]
[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”Video Editors”]
[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”WordPress”]
[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”Social Media”]
[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”Brand Strategy”]
[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”Customer Engagement”]


[team_member name=”DRE RICHARDSON” role=”Co-Founder” img=”http://tiger-phoenix.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Blu-Bio.png” size=”3″]
Really really really good stuff coming soon.

Dre’s Standard Skills

[skill_bar percentage=”80″ title=”Web Design”]
[skill_bar percentage=”85″ title=”Graphic Design”]
[skill_bar percentage=”95″ title=”Music Production”]
[skill_bar percentage=”75″ title=”WordPress”]

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Here’s few of our awesome clients we’ve worked with so far

[clients_box][client logo=”http://tiger-phoenix.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/kari-knisely.png” url=”http://kariknisely.com” title=”Kari Knisely”][client logo=”http://tiger-phoenix.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/id-studios.png” url=”https://instructionaldesignstudio.com/” title=”Instructional Design Studio”][client logo=”http://tiger-phoenix.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/peabodys.png” url=”#” title=”Peabody’s”][client logo=”http://tiger-phoenix.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ibm-tampa.png” url=”https://invitehealthtampa.com/” title=”IBM Tampa”][/clients_box]


Whether it is a simple consultation meeting or a full development project, we are nothing without the people we work with.  Thank you to all of our clients who have work with us over our long journey together. We wish you continued success as we will always be your biggest fans.